A Muslim Marketing Agency

Providing digital marketing expertise to help your brand gain more profit and increase brand credibility.


Who We Are

Third Kid Culture is a Muslim marketing agency in America that specializes in influencer management and helps brands launch campaigns to market to their Muslim audience and overall grow their online pretense. They saw a need for more diversity in the digital world and decided to take matter to their own hands by launching their agency.



Helping brands create a digital presence.


Digital Marketing

Providing digital marketing expertise to help your brand gain more profit and increase brand credibility.


Third Kid Culture offers content creation, Social Media management, Advertising and overall branding expertise.

Influencer Management

Worked with Fortune 500 companies, Organizations and small business owners around the world to increase diversity in Marketing.




How We Do It

Social media management

We manage many brands social media's and allow them to connect to their consumers. In addition to connecting, we help launch digital campaigns to engage all potential customers. Making sure we design a high engagenent campaign from start to finish.

Social Media Marketing

We provide a range of digital services to support your brand to grow their online presence and sales. We do this by providing content creation, video production, web design and social media management. In addition, planning and executing digital campaigns.


We help brands understand the importance of diversity and connecting with different communities! We do this by providing consulting services to your brand. Some of the things we do is providing research on different demographics, strategizing content and Retail/E-Commerce Strategy.

Influencer Management

We Manage Muslim bloggers, you tubers, IG influencers, actors, and snapchat sensations, all over the world. We make sure they’re managed and represented at all times.


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